NIKKI SUDDEN - Arrows "Tawny Tracks review -

The late, great Nikki Sudden's 2003 review of The Arrows "Tawny Tracks" album:

~ Featuring appearances by Bill Wyman, Dallas Taylor, Ian McLagan and Tetsu Yamauchi
alongside original Arrows Alan Merrill, Jake Hooker, Paul Varley and Terry Taylor
this is an essential album for anyone who still loves the Seventies.
Those who remember the Arrows for their mid-70's Granada TV show,
I Love Rock 'N' Roll and little else, would be well advised to hear the real band.

Compiled and released by former-Arrows frontman, Alan Merrill,
the 19-track compilation contains assorted outtakes that Mickie Most
definitely didn't want the UK record buying public to hear.
Tales and tussles - vignettes of London and New York life.
This isn't the clean teenybop glam-pop that the Arrows were painted as.
Numbers like Driving All Night show the real soul of the band.
Basing Street Leslie, recorded with Tetsu and Mac from the Faces
sounds like an outtake from the legendary Kossoff, Kirke, Tetsu, Rabbit album-
it's that good! Forget any preconceptions you might have and track this album down,
you won't be disappointed.

Nikki Sudden

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